Jackson is traveling coast to coast in honor of
May 5th National Awareness Day for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Music is Medicine Tour

Jackson’s New Music Dont’ Speak and Her Call to Action. Let’s IMPACT CHANGE!

Jackson, “This video has been one of the most incredible and impactful projects I have ever taken on. The power of these women and their stories and the involvement of so many other survivors, makes this video production and awareness campaign not only part of my spiritual healing but part of my future journey. I am so grateful to all who have made this possible. From the women and men who joined our creative focus groups, the production crew, to the financial contributors and so many more- Chi Miigwitch”


“I hope those who screen this video— feel the musical medicine that went into its creation and I truly hope it is shared with others — most importantly – I hope it provokes community conversations and I hope that it helps others on their healing path”.

Kelly Jackson enlisted Perodigm and Backflip to develop a music video for her song Don’t Speak. The song is a tribute to survivors of violence. Jackson pulled together a cast of survivors and advocates to heighten awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. As a survivor of both physical and sexual violence, Jackson wanted to reach out and let others know they are not alone. This video was created to increase awareness and open doors for funding that enhances services for victims.

The cast includes tribal women and girls from various Wisconsin tribes and the production was supported by John Nau III, Innovative Solutions, Aambe Foundation, and Spirit of a Woman Productions.


Impact change is a violence against women awareness and fundraising campaign with a focus on Indigenous women.

Our Call to Action includes

#1 – Start having the conversation about violence against women and MMIW within your families, your communities and your networks. – we have been silent for far too long and truly believe it is time to start bringing these topics to the surface

#2 – Support your local grass roots programs that are creating the MMIW and violence against women services

#3- Give Now – Let’s raise funds for 300 Emergency Care Packages. Spirit of a Woman Productions partnered with Greywolf Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, to gather resources to create emergency care packages for victims/survivors of violence. Donations are collected directly through Greywolf Foundation. They seek to make a lasting, positive impact on local communities by improving the lives and opportunities of its residents by giving directly to benefit the public.

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